In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on Canadian society; we’ve all been called upon to act to flatten the curve.

Our team at Y Station was interested in learning more about how the government’s response to COVID-19 is being received by Albertans, and what questions people still have about protecting themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19. We start to get the picture that Albertans are starting to think about a next level of detail around how to protect themselves from the virus.

In our latest survey of Albertans’ opinions on COVID-19, we asked respondents to share with us what questions they still had about preventing the spread of the disease. The most asked questions were:

In terms of the symptoms of COVID-19, many respondents wanted to know:

Overall, the response to our survey painted a picture of a province where people are eager to follow public health guidance to protect themselves, and know where to get information about COVID-19, but are seeking more detailed guidance from the government on the measures they should be taking and the symptoms they should be watching for. Given how little we still know about the virus and that science is learning more every day, we may not have answers to all of these questions anytime soon.

Our team will be keeping a close eye on the conversation around COVID-19 in the coming weeks so we can help our clients respond to this challenging situation.

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